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Current Conditions
at 5:10pm 31-Dec-1969-next update at4:00pm
Current Temp
8.8°CWarmer 0.1°C than last hour.
Hi:8.8°C at 3:43pm
Lo:7.7°C at 4:20am
Gusting At
1009.0 hPa 
3.0 mm
Last Hr:0.1 mm
* Current Conditions may reflect 'Dry'/'Stopped Raining' when it is obviously raining. Unless rainfall is moderate/heavy during any rainfall, it can take a while for even as little as 0.1mm to be recorded, hence, the perceived 'incorrect' description of 'Dry'/'Stopped Raining'.
* Daily Forecast Update Is Generally Between 07:30 & 08:00 Monday-Friday - Weekend Update Will Be Later *
For Hourly Local Conditions and Weather Updates through the day

HEADLINE:- Mild Start - Generally Cloudy - Patchy Rain

Sunrise at 07:42 - Sunset at 15:55 - Tomorrow - Sunrise 07:43- Sunset 15:54 - Next Day - Sunrise 07:45 - Sunset 15:53


WEDNESDAY 26th November @ 07:30: A mild, murky start with patchy rain in places. Remaiing cloudy with further patchy rain through the morning. Cloudy theme looks set to continue into and through the afternoon again with pockets of drizzle in places. Temperatures not moving much through the day, peaking at 9°C(48°F) or 10°C(50°F). Wind - Generally light, but there is gust potential to 15mph in places, with that potential decreasing through the day and mainly from the ENE

EVENING & OVERNIGHT:- Generally cloudy and mild through the period. Becoming misty across the forecast area. Risk of further areas of showery rain / drizzle through the early hours. Temperatures not falling below 7°C.

NOV 1991-2005 - Av 7.2°C - Max 10.4°C - Min 3.9°C - CET 7.3°C

OUTLOOK :- Thursday looks set to start with the cloudy theme with patchy rain and/or drizzle. Perhaps becoming drier through the morning and becoming brighter, perhaps with sunny spells into the afternoon. Temperatures peaking at 10°C or 11°C. Light winds

The forecast region is roughly an area within a 20 mile radius of Peterborough City Centre. All forecasts are independently produced by and are ©peterboroughweatherwatch. If you require a forecast for anywhere in the UK for up to 14 days ahead please email for terms & conditions.
UV & POLLEN FORECASTS - These will Return From May 2015
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