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Cloudy, Mild Start - Rain To The East - Brighter Spells Developing

SATURDAY 4TH MARCH - UPDATE @ 07:30:- A mild, generally cloudy start across the forecast area. Some residual showery rain to the East of the area. Rain the the East will gradually move away N/NE through the morning, whilst the rest of the area start to see some brighter spells developing through the morning. Bright spells continue into/through the afternoon across the area. Temperatures peaking at 9°C to 11°C

WIND:Generally light through the day, but with a gust potential 15mph to 20mph in places and increasing towards the end of daylight hours. Mainly from the S/SSW

EVENING & OVERNIGHT:- Perhaps some light showery rain to the far West of the forecast area at first into early evening, but a generally dry period throughout, with some clear spells. Temperatures falling to 4°C or 5°C

WIND:- A tad breezy through the evening with gust potential to 25mph across the area and mainly from the SW

OUTLOOK FOR SUNDAY:- Some uncertaintity with regard to event through Sunday, with some different solutions on offer. My current take on things at the moment is that after a dry, mild start across the forecast area, outbreaks of rain will reach the area through the morning and continue into the afternoon, clearing away through the afternoon. Temperatures peaking at 8°C or 9°C *- FORECAST CONFIDENCE LOW TO MODERATE

WIND:- A breezy day with gust potential to 25mph in places through the day . From the SSE at first through the morning. Veering SW through the day, perhaps WNW by the end of daylight hours



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