This website will bring you up to date weather conditions from the Peterborough area, including 'real time' weather data via an animated display!! YES, you really will be able to monitor temperature changes, gust speed, wind direction, and rainfall 'as it happens'. Webcam images will also be available, making Peterborough Weather Watch the weather website of choice for anyone wanting to know what mother nature is currently serving up to Peterborough and the surrounding area! Also, via this website, you will be able to find details of my weather forecasting services, links to historical station data, and 'now and then' local climate comparisons. I will make use of UK climate data records for comparison to my own local records and those of local climate data that I have extrapolated for the region to enable good climatological comparison.

About Me, Trev Robbins-Pratt, The Owner and Founder of Peterborough Weather Watch
Although I have been an avid weather watcher for over 40 years, and have been known as an 'amateur meteorologist' for the best part of 35 years, it wasn't until 2003 that I have obtained appropriate equipment to enable me to capture and log accurate records of observed conditions. The data is captured and logged via a PC and appropriate software. My initial Weather Station was set up in late 2003, however my station went out of service from late 2004, until September 2005. Unfortunately, the early data captured was lost due to a PC crash, and yes, you guessed it , I had no backup of the data. Although this data covered less than 12 months, it would still have been a valuable record tracking climate variations in the Peterborough area. I now have continuous data from October 2005 to present and all station data will reference from this date unless otherwise stated...and yes, the data is now all backed up!! This data can be found on this site by following the appropriate links. Please explore and enjoy !! All feedback is welcomed - email Peterborough Weather Watch